World-class SEALPAC traysealers and thermoformers are renowed for innovation, design, build, quality and reliability. They offer endless and exciting new packaging possibilities for the food industry.

Benefits of working with Sealpac UK & Partners

World-class traysealers and thermoformers

Compatible with a range of tray solutions and shapes, these can be configured in a multiple of ways. Take advantage of flexibility and SEALPAC's constant innovations.

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Complete line solutions

We've created partnerships with selected trusted partners to allow us to offer a host of other top class production line technologies, including solutions for weighing, packing, smart handling, and QA. We're proud to offer expert consultancy services too.

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We're here for you

Our committed and experienced technical staff can help you optimise your results - with support and ongoing training that is second to none. We offer a range of care packages to suit all budgets and businesss needs.

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Proud to be working with

Maple Leaf
Moy Park
Danish Crown
Deli Solutions
Banham Poultry Limited
Holme Farmed Venison
ABP Food Group
2 Sisters Food Group
The Co-operative Food
KARRO Food Group
United Biscuits


SEALPAC continuously set new standards, particularly in fresh food applications. Innovative solutions, such as FlatSkin, not only provide greater sustainability, product safety, longer shelf life and optimal maturation processes, they also ensure efficient production, numerous logistical advantages and attractive presentation at retail. 

We also work with a variety of trusted partners, who enable us to offer automated full-line solutions, composed of top-class production technologies. All the way from processing to end-of-line inspection, Sealpac UK & Partners can offer solutions that delight.



At Sealpac UK & Partners, we're proud of the quality, innovation and reliability SEALPAC machines, and those of our partners, have to offer. We are able to provide a flexible and dedicated solution for every customer, and any sector. We combine technical expertise and a thorough understanding of our customers needs with extensive knowledge of the specific sector requirements.



At Sealpac UK & Partners, we recognise the demands on our customers and partners to maintain the highest efficiency and fastest response times for successful day to day operations. With this in mind, we continually develop tailored packages to suit our individual customers needs - all aimed at reducing your Cost of Ownership (CoO) and improving your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


Selecting a new supplier is a big decision, so what should you be looking for in a potential partner? In this guide we’ve done all the hard work for you.

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