Stage 1: Consultation

We visit you and get to know your team, getting to know not only your people, but also your operation. Together we will workshop with you to help you to plan out what your new line should look like, exploring things like:

  • Your pain points
  • Your budget for the project
  • ROI
  • Your current machine line
  • The challenges you face
  • Your future plans

Stage 2: Designing your new line

Now that we have a good understanding of what your requirements are and how you might want to manage your line both now and in the future, work will start on developing designs that will be idea fit for you and your business.

  • We offer you example budgets before going into full details
  • We design customised solutions tailored to your exact requirements
  • We work with your team to fine tune the designs and make any necessary adjustments that may be needed
  • We will source the best component machines for each step of your line, ensuring that each is the best fit for YOUR particular requirements

Stage 3: Reference visits

The development of your new line is obviously a huge investment and we fully recognise the desire to be confident that what you are buying really will be right for you. As the designs for your new line are being developed, we want you to be assured that all of its constituent elements will fit the bill. To this end we will:

  • Arrange visits to sites that employ similar solutions and machinery
  • Arrange visits to the manufacturers so that you can see their plants and ask any questions
  • Give you the opportunity for machine testing at either your site or ours
  • Offer the chance for hands-on experience to see how the solution suits your needs

Stage 4: Agreement of contract

This is a huge milestone for everyone involved in your project! It’s not just about signing on the dotted line; it covers every aspect of project delivery and beyond.

  • We’ve agreed on all of the requirements
  • The designs cover all aspects of the line to your satisfaction
  • You’ve seen the equipment in action and are satisfied that it meets your needs
  • The timelines and budget meet expectations

When you’re ready you can place your order with absolute confidence – your complete satisfaction is our number one priority.

Stage 5: Installation, testing and training

Of course the actual delivery of a complete line solution is a huge undertaking that needs military-grade timing and precision – luckily, you’ve chosen to partner with a hugely experienced and highly accomplished team.

  • A dedicated project manager and team will order the equipment to the exact required specifications
  • Our specialist project team will visit your site to install and commission the solution
  • Full training for your employees is given for its correct operation
  • A thorough test of the production line will be performed to ensure seamless operation prior to handover

Stage 6: Service contracts and after sales care

At SPUK we don’t wait for breakdowns; we actively prevent them. With our tailored service contracts you will benefit from:

  • Regular equipment maintenance
  • Machine optimisation to maximise uptime
  • Regular reviews and reporting
  • Spare parts available from held stock for emergencies
  • Keep you updated with the latest technology
  • Discounted spare parts and ongoing training for your personnel

Why choose us?

When you choose to work with us to develop your line, you’re not just engaging a supplier; you’re working with a partner who will work with you to ensure that you get the best possible solution, completely optimised to meet your requirements.

With decades of experience in delivering for the food industry, we have an unrivalled understanding of what is required to deliver the very best in fully automated line solutions for all aspects of the food sector and beyond.

Our teams of dedicated and highly experienced colleagues will work closely with you and your teams to understand your exact requirements and are on hand to offer help and advice that can help your project to exceed expectations and specifications, not only delivering a great solution, but also future-proofing it so that your onward operating costs are kept to the absolute minimum.

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Let’s make your concept a reality!

Here at Sealpac UK & Partners our mission is simple: we aim to be your trusted partners, committed to keeping your business operating at your absolute optimum efficiency. Check out some of our case studies if you would like to see how we’ve done just that for many other companies.

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