Consumer buying habits continue to grow year on year, creating a greater demand for a range of bakery products.

A growing number of companies are continually developing new product ranges into sweet, savoury and all types of bread, so it’s more important than ever that your products stand out and are the highest quality. Sealpac UK & Partners offer a range of solutions to help your brand stand out from the competition, in terms of freshness, convenience, sustainability and quality.

Packaging for all styles

Consumers switched brands or product often because of presentation, ease of use or environmental concerns about how it is packaged. Could you be losing out on potential customers? Our range of Traysealers, Thermoformers, bagmakers and flowrappers are proven on the latest mono plastics, card and paper packaging materials with superior sealing and easy opening features.

Thermoformer Application bakery

Case packing

The Pick & Place robot from our partners DGS is capable of sorting and moving packed products on a continuous basis. Systems can handle all kinds of food packaging including food trays, cartons and bags into crates and boxes. The Pick & Place robot is a smart investment that quickly pays for itself while improving the quality of your production process through a higher degree of accuracy and flexibility. Intelligent vision camera techniques are the eye on the line and reduce the need for manual intervention allowing you to place your people in other areas of the factory.


DGS Robot automation case and pallet packing

Take care of your quality

When you’re buying bakery products, it can be disappointing to find that the product you purchased is not up to scratch. Deliver a high quality of products to your customers with our range of end-of-line quality control food inspection systems. Want to identify contaminants, and ensure consistent pack quality? We can help.

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How can you benefit from our expertise?

Whatever your production line requirements, we have the expertise that can really make a difference to your overall efficiency and operating costs. Get in touch with us today to arrange a consultation with our expert team and let’s explore the possibilities.

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Full line solutions

We design and project manage the installation of bespoke machines across the full production line. Our network of partnerships has helped us to expand our range to offer automated full line solutions which are flexible enough to fit around your business needs and respond to a changing market.