Processing, Blanching, Thawing & Marination

Automated processing with Cabinplant covering 3 areas; blanching, marinating and depositing.

Cabinplant are experienced at improving efficiency in processing and packing lines. From blanching and marinating, to weighing and liquid filling – they specialise in finding the right solutions for all product types, especially those that are difficult to handle. Marinating meat, poultry and seafood products usually requires a lot of cleaning of production equipment due to the increased coverage of marinade through the machinery.

The Cabinplant Marinating System is placed in-line with the packing line, instead of after portion weighing. This means that the multihead weigher and the conveyors are not soaked in marinade. Continuous Liquid Filler (CLF) ensures precise pre or final filling of liquids like tomato sauce, oil and brine, soups, or marinades into trays, cans or glass jars.
The IBC blancher/cooler with top lift is divided into three main sections: preheating, blanching and cooling. This design incorporates a highly efficient heat recovery system, which makes the IBC renowned for its extremely low consumption of steam and cooling water. The Blancher can be combined with a cooling system to complete the processing.

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Screwfeed marinade chicken close up
Cabinplant marinating system
Cabinplant marinade
Marinated poultry

Marinade System - Features & Benefits

  • 80% reduction on cleaning time required with an in line marinade system
  • Fast and easy change of marinade – less than 20 minutes
  • Excellent weighing accuracy
  • No marinade on conveyor and multihead weigher
  • No give-away when handling small negative tolerances
  • No spillage
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Meets market demands for low and high volume production
  • Single supplier for blanching, cooking and chilling


IBC blanchers offer the lowest consumption of steam. The IBC blancher/cooler with top lift is divided into three main sections: preheating, blanching and cooling. This design incorporates a highly efficient heat recovery system, which makes the IBC renowned for its extremely low consumption of steam and cooling water.

The heat, which is removed from the product during cooling, is reused for pre-heating of product prior to blanching. In this way the consumption of steam can be reduced to just 40 per cent of what is normally required for blanchers without heat recovery.

Integrated Blancher and Cooler (IBC) with forced steam is a new and unique solution from Cabinplant. This new development is specialized in the blanching of fruit and vegetables. The forced steam principle, where the steam is circulated, ensures a highly uniform blanching of fruit and vegetables without washing out taste and nutrients. At the same time, it also reduces steam consumption by 40-50% because the equipment is fitted with a preheating zone, in which the cooling water that has been
heated during the cooling process is recirculated.

Thawing unit with trolley


Thawing systems save you time and money whilst giving you the best quality product.

The in line systems for retail packing can be integrated in to your line to control your product quality for optimal packing temperature and condition. Simply load frozen product one end and the product will flow to the next stage for weighing and packing.

Alternatively you can select a thawing chamber for controlled thawing of IQF products as well as solid frozen blocks. Loading and unloading systems make it a safe way to handle heavy ice blocks. Systems range from 2 to 12 chambers.

Cabinplant prawns distribution tool

Distribution tools

The distribution tools are a key function when product needs to be accurately deposited in various container types, such as trays, cans, glass jars, bags and multiple pocket thermoformer applications.

The product is distributed to the individual trays, pots or jars safely and efficiently.

Tools are designed for all applications from single to multiple compartments.

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