Pets are part of the family, so it’s important they get the same highest quality food as we do. This comes down to freshness, quality control and the type of packaging you choose.

We offer a range of packaging solutions to help keep food fresh, advertise your brand, and provide exceptional customer convenience. From sorting to weighing, packing, and quality control, all the way to case packing and palletising, we’re focused on providing the best possible service for both you and your customers.

Keep up with new trends

In recent years, pet food has become more about improving health and wellbeing of our pets as well as more variety, as lots more raw and organic alternatives have come on the market. This has meant that more attention must be paid to how these new foods are packaged, in order to maintain optimal freshness.

Our range of Traysealers, Thermoformers, Bagmakers and Flowrappers are designed to be versatile enough to be compatible with a variety of packaging applications from fresh chilled and frozen to dry foods. Investing in our technology means your production line will be as flexible as possible, giving you the ability to adapt to new trends with ease.

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Reclosable for freshness and convenience

It’s important that your products remain fresh from when it’s first packaged, to when it’s enjoyed by a furry friend. We offer a range of solutions to keep pet food as fresh as possible. Day by Day packaging presents each day’s portion in individual compartments, which are linked together like a chain. Our EasyLid application is reusable, which means customers can keep their pets’ food fresher for longer.

How can you benefit from our expertise?

Whatever your production line requirements, we have the expertise that can really make a difference to your overall efficiency and operating costs. Get in touch with us today to arrange a consultation with our expert team and let’s explore the possibilities.

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Full line solutions

We design and project manage the installation of bespoke machines across the full production line. Our network of partnerships has helped us to expand our range to offer automated full line solutions which are flexible enough to fit around your business needs and respond to a changing market.