Convenience foods and snacks

Consumer buying habits over the past year have been geared towards greater demand for grab-and-go convenience foods and snacks. Since a growing number of companies are already tapping into the ready-to-eat industry, it’s more important than ever that your products stand out. Sealpac UK & Partners offer a range of solutions to help your brand stand out from the competition, in terms of freshness, convenience and sustainability.

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  • Emphasis on consumer convenience
  • Improved quality control processes
  • Sustainable packaging solutions
  • Weighing, portioning & mixing

Convenience foods should be just that – convenient! We offer a range of bespoke packaging formats designed with consumer convenience in mind, including reclosable lids, multi-compartment and easy-open designs. Whatever your customers need, we can help you deliver a product packaging which exceeds expectations.

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When you’re buying grab-and-go foods, it can be disappointing to find that the product you purchased is not up to scratch. Deliver a high quality of products to your customers with our range of end-of-line quality control automation. Want to identify contaminants, and ensure consistent pack weight? We can help.

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52% of European consumers switched brand or product because of environmental concerns about how it is packaged. Could you be losing out on potential customers?

Maximise your profit margin by switching to mono-mono or reduced plastic packaging. SEALPAC tray sealers are compatible with any type of material, so switching has never been easier!

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Keeping pack portions consistent is key to meeting consumer expectations in today’s market. We offer a range of automated solutions to achieve accurate weighing with increased speed and precision. Want to mix several products in one portion? No problem – multihead weighers are well suited for portioning snack mixes.

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  • Case Study

Responding to a Crisis: Sealpac UK & Partners offer extra support during COVID-19

To ease the strain of changing consumer demand, panic-buying, and labour shortages on the food industry, Sealpac UK & Partners provided 10 weeks of engineering site support to one of Britain’s leading food companies. Our team of highly responsive service engineers kept 100% of our customers operational during the pandemic.
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