Guarantee a quality product every time with fast and reliable inspection in real-time with total traceability

Ensuring your products are of optimal quality before they reach supermarket shelves is key to maximising production efficiency whilst avoiding costly product recalls and damage to your brand’s reputation. Bringing increased automation to the production process often means an increase in speed where manual checks are costly and not enough to spot every product defect.

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Increased productivity

The verification of your products rejected from the line due to defect, foreign bodies, wrong or missing labels and over and underweight allows you to intervene on the process in real-time, reducing risks and recovering productivity.

Less waste

Automatic weight control allows you to know in real-time the "average filling weight". This avoids production waste and verifies consistency between the measured weight and the declared weight. Feedback to primary filling systems is also available.

Total check for crates and cases

Checking all the packs made it into the case or crate before they leave your factory. No more missing packs at the supermarket or wholesaler.

Space saving “all in one” systems

All quality control and inspection methods can be combined in one smart system, saving space and generating room for further automation.

ALL-IN-ONE Food Inspection Systems

An innovative solution, unique on the market, including all the needed inspections in one single system. Simply identify your inspection requirements, Antares Vision Group - ALL-IN-ONE will meet them all thanks to our wide range of technologies, integrating multiple checks in one compact machine.


Antares Vision Group checkweighers are high-precision measuring instruments designed to check the weight of individual products. On board reporting and networking allows you to see your line efficiency in real time and guarantees the right weight for the consumer.


Metal Detector

By detecting the presence of metal contamination, Antares Vision Group metal detectors for food provide effective protection against ferrous and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, stainless steel, etc.) and guarantee customer safety.


X-Ray Food Inspection

Antares Vision Group inspection technology uses X-rays to identify foreign bodies of different densities. It generates a grayscale image of the product and the software, through a multi-algorithm analysis, highlights contaminants and rejects non-compliant items.


Leak and Seal Inspection

An innovative application of IR spectroscopy to detect inline holes and microholes in packages by checking for CO2 leakage (for MAP products), alcohol or a specific flavour. In-line sealing area inspection to detect the presence of products and physical contaminants. Available for transparent or coloured film and packaging through hyperspectral or artificial vision technologies.

Label and Code Inspection

Knowing you have the right information on your packs is critical to consumer safety and your brand reputation. Vision systems by Antares Vision Group check the quality of labels (alignment, positioning, items or brand, languages, etc.), codes (expired data, lot number, barcode, Data Matrix, QR code) and the correlation between single products and secondary packaging.

Microwave food inspection

Foreign bodies that X-rays and metal detectors fail to detect are detected by inspection with microwave technology. Plastic, glass, wood, bones, rubber, insects, and all metals, regardless of their size or composition, are from now on detectable. This is a new solution developed by the Antares Vision Group – register your interest to find out more.

How can you benefit from our expertise?

Whatever your production line requirements, we have the expertise that can really make a difference to your overall efficiency and operating costs. Get in touch with us today to arrange a consultation with our expert team and let’s explore the possibilities.

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Full line solutions

We design and project manage the installation of bespoke machines across the full production line. Our network of partnerships has helped us to expand our range to offer automated full line solutions which are flexible enough to fit around your business needs and respond to a changing market.

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