Multihead Weigher for Extremely Sticky Products

Designed to stand out as a globally pioneering and highly efficient solution, Cabinplant's MHW SF Extreme demonstrates exceptional proficiency in precisely weighing difficult-to-handle items like mixed salads, coleslaw, and tuna flakes. Its advanced combinatorial weighing features enable it to tackle intricate tasks with precision, ensuring accuracy in your production processes.

Integration of the MHW SF Extreme into your production line offers the opportunity to optimise operations, leading to a substantial reduction in manual handling and associated costs—potentially up to 70%. This not only boosts overall efficiency but also enhances food safety by mitigating the risks associated with human contamination.

Extremely small footprint
With its height of only 1,750 mm the MHW SF Extreme has one of the smallest footprint on the market for MHWs and can be placed in any production hall without having to cope with restrictions of building measurements in regards to height.

Applications and Benefits

  • RTE salads
  • RTE meals
  • Tuna flakes
  • Pulled meat products
  • Cottage cheese
  • Other mixed and sticky products
  • Cuts manual labor by up to 70 %
  • Cleaning time/change-over time down to 5-10 minutes
  • Ideal for automating even small production batches with frequent product shifts
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