A New Generation of Freezer Spacers

The Optiflow Freezer Spacer, designed by Plastic Frost, represents a groundbreaking advancement in freezer spacer technology. With its rigid design, this spacer allows for the rapid attainment of desired low temperatures for meat, fish, and poultry in the freezing tunnel, without any damage to the structure of the spacer for years. Simultaneously, it minimises contamination and damage to packaging and end-products. The spacer's innovative design offers users flexibility in arranging pallets within the wind tunnel, as the air flow operates from all four sides. It is generally advisable to restrict space around the pallets to generate turbulence around the cartons.

  • 26% energy saving compared to the current freezer spacers

  • Can be cleaned very effectively and quickly in dishwasher 100 units per wash

  • Shock and impact-resistant at temperatures between - 60 and + 80°C

  • High load capacity approx. 7500 kg

  • Rounded corners

  • Easier to remove spacers (no longer freezes in place)

  • 100% recyclable

  • 40% time saving/turnover increase compared to the current freezer spacers

  • Large load area so that the packs remain level and the airflow remains maximised

  • Rigid construction allows stable and high stacking

Plastic Frost Optiflow Brochure

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