Weighing and Batching at High Speed

The Cabinplant Multibatcher is customized to meet customer specifications, taking into account the product size and batch size. It is available either as a standalone unit for automatic or manual bagging, box packing, or filling into thermoformed packages, or as part of a complete packing line. This solution has the potential to decrease giveaway by up to 75%. Optimizing your production costs revolves around crucial factors such as speed, flexibility, and accuracy. This fully automated system excels in precise, high-speed combinatorial weighing, effectively managing portion sizes of up to 35 kg for meat or meat by-products. The precise weighing of batches significantly minimizes waste compared to alternative systems, enhancing your return on investment.

Features & benefits

  • Accurate combinatorial high-speed weighing
  • Reduced give-away (10 times less than other systems)
  • Cuts labor costs to a minimum
  • Hygienic design – easy to clean
  • Logic process interface – easy to operate
  • Rapid change to other product by using recipe control.
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Quattro Batcher

Fast and Efficient Weighing and Batching

The Cabinplant Quattro Batcher is tailored to fulfill the need for precise and efficient weighing and batching of substantial portions, handling up to 30 kg of fish, seafood, meat, and poultry items. Its compact, optimized footprint allows seamless integration into your existing production lines. Operating this system is effortless, facilitated by an intuitive 15’’ touchscreen interface featuring pre-set recipes and settings, ensuring a straightforward overview of the machine's functionalities. The ergonomic design prioritizes operator comfort, offering optimal working conditions in terms of lifting and reaching heights. With a strong focus on food safety and quality, this machine incorporates hygienic design principles, making the cleaning process quicker and easier, and significantly reducing the risk of product contamination within your production.


  • Batch size up to 30 kg
  • Recipe control
  • Data collection and statistics
  • PLC control of equipment
  • Capacity up to 14 batches/min. depending on batch size and number of rejects

Features & benefits

  • Higher yield
  • Low production costs
  • Reject function for odd size portions
  • Easy to operate
  • Optimized footprint
  • Ergonomic working environment
  • Hygienic and easy-to-clean
  • Reduced give-away
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