Optical Inspection & Sorting

Due to the production speeds and high volumes now required within factories, there has been a huge shift towards the use of optical sorting systems and X-ray inspection systems to automate quality control when sorting products at the start of the process. Using a range of technologies combined with a smart software package, the Raytec Vision sorting machines improve the quality of your product along with saving on labour with a repeatable and traceable system.
Whether it’s fresh, frozen washed or dirty, Raytec have a range of systems to keep the unexpected out of your process.

Raytec product range
Raytec Curiosity 2-1
Raytec Dryce
Discovery leaf production
Raytec Spray Fresh Cut (2)
Raytec Spray Fresh Cut (3)
Raytec Spray Corn
Raytec tomato 2
Raytec Tomato
Raytec Raynbow Potatoes (3)
Raytec Spray beans
Raytec Raynbow Fruit (1)
Dryce Chilli

Key benefits

  • Improve product quality at the start of the process
  • Higher speed of inspection
  • Waste reduction
  • Advanced efficiency and precision
  • High levels of quality and safety
  • The highest level of hygienic design
  • Detection in real time
  • Reliability
  • High production capacity
  • Remote support

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