Quality Control and Inspection Solutions

Ensuring your products are of optimal quality before they reach supermarket shelves is key to maximising production efficiency whilst avoiding costly product recalls and damage to your brand’s reputation. Bringing increased automation to the production process often means an increase in speed where manual checks are costly and not enough to spot every product defect.

Working to the latest standards and delivering the highest customer satisfaction is made possible with our range of quality control automation, from the initial sorting of all types of product before packing through to end-of-line inspection processes after packing, making the whole process quicker, easier, traceable and more efficient.

Using the latest systems with combined technologies can also offer a smaller footprint in the factory. The benefit of recovering floorspace can allow for further case packing automation with the knowledge that all packs have passed the quality control first.

Quality control & inspection

Automate your quality control processes to facilitate higher outputs with fewer labour requirements. Our inspection solutions are more effective than manual checking, using technologies such as:

  1. Optical inspection at the start of the process for loose and pulp product
  2. Foreign body detection & rejection
  3. Quality control during the process
  4. End of line quality control for weight
  5. Optical and Xray inspection
  6. Reporting software for part or total process

Free up your people with automation of inspection processes and deploy them in critical areas by using the latest smart-handling systems. Increase line speed and efficiency with our range of quality control systems.

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Optical Sorting & Inspection

Choose from a range of optical sorting solutions and technologies from the innovative range from Raytec Vision to sort foreign bodies, rot and other defects from the flow of product.

Whatever the product, we have a solution for produce, leaf salad, seafood, pulp and confectionery to name a few.

Technologies in the range

  • NIR (Near InfraRed) technology
  • Visible Colour analysis
  • Chlorophyll analysis
  • Translucency analysis
  • Shape analysis
  • 2 sided detection options
  • 2 or 3 way reject systems
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AVG Leak+Seal+Label inspection

Quality Control & Inspection

Make sure each product out of the factory meets the latest standards, with a range of metal detectors, checkweighers, and end-of-line optical inspection, leak detection and X-Ray sytstems from Antares Vision Group. 

Guarantee a quality product every time with fast and reliable inspection in real-time, which works to reduce overall giveaway.

Increased productivity

The verification of your products rejected from the line due to defect, foreign bodies, wrong or missing labels and over and underweight allows you to intervene on the process in real-time, reducing risks and recovering productivity.

Less waste

Using the automatic weight control system allows you to know in real-time the trend of the "average filling weight". This avoids production waste while at the same time verifying the consistency between the measured weight and the declared weight. Feedback to primary filling systems is also available.

Total check for crates and cases

Checking all the packs made it in to the case or crate before they leave your factory. No more missing packs at the supermarket or wholesaler.

Combination models saving space and time

All the quality control and inspection methods can be combined in one smart system, saving space and generating the room for further automation.

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Furry Feasts

This natural raw pet food company had progressed from supplying just friends and family to developing into a small business.

Download our case study to learn how Sealpac UK & Partners helped Furry Feasts scale up their operation; reducing labour costs, increasing production speed, and giving their products a professional look.

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“With the new line we are able to pack our sliced cheese safely with a shelf life of 70 days under modified atmosphere. Thanks to our new SEALPAC thermoformer, we can achieve the high outputs we wanted, with only two employees needed to watch the entire line."
Torbjörn Wiechert, Project Manager, Arla Foods