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Quality Control & Inspection

Due to the production speeds and volumes now required within factories, there has been a huge shift towards the use of vision systems and X-ray inspection systems as part of the quality control process in recent years. This technology offers fast, accurate results and reproducible inspection capabilities that are impossible to achieve manually. All at a competitive cost.

Automated vision systems accurately check every aspect of a product’s packaging. This includes labels, printed information, barcodes, seal integrity and the product itself. Having one decimal point out of place or one critical print defect on a label can lead to an entire product line recall. So maintaining 100% accuracy at all times is essential.

X-ray inspection carries the advantage of assessing food products for a range of potential contaminants, including bone, stone and glass. This is not possible with standard metal detection systems alone.


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Sorting and inspection systems using vision and x-ray. Offering advanced efficiency and precision, while supporting manufacturers to meet health and quality standards.

Raytec Vision is a leading expert in optical sorting technology for fruit and vegetables. A wide range of quality control solutions are available for key products including leaf salad and tubers such as potatoes. These capabilities also extend to other sectors such as meat, poultry, seafood and confectionery.

Raynbow is an optical sorting machine with high resolution sensors. It examines the product using a high-speed double vision system. This system analyses 100% of the surface of each product. It can be used to check fruit and vegetables, disposing of any colour defects, marked produce and foreign bodies (even if they are the same colour as the product).

Spray is an optical sorting machine with high resolution smart cameras to examine the product on the conveyor belt. This system can be used with whole or cut fruit and vegetables.

Check out this leaf sorting video and potato sorting video to see the impressive systems in action.


Raybox and Rayview also have the ability to provide x-ray inspection of cans and glass jars. This allows the detection of a wide range of contaminants, such as metals, unwanted bones, stone, glass and certain types of plastic.

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Robust QC and smart handling solutions from a single source

Pulsotronic is a leader in the field of inspection and quality control (QC) for processing and packaging products, along with smart handling systems. Every aspect of Pulsotronic machines are developed by an inhouse design and manufacturing team. This team uses the latest software to ensure right-first-time systems and first class support.

Based in their impressive facility in Niederdorf, Germany, the comprehensive range offers established and trusted solutions in metal detection, checkweighers, optical inspection systems, and the latest in software for central control and reporting. Providing clients with optimal resources for guaranteed product quality.

Pulsotronic have developed “Best Practice” handling systems including specialist conveyors, stacking systems and automated loading to provide optimum speed and efficiency with full line control taking your products through the packing line with a single solution from one supplier.

The business works to many standards including ISO 9001-2015, ISO 9001-2015, DIN IS 50001:2011 and the ZVEI code of conduct

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High speed inspection for quality control. Stringent quality control checks, offering fast and accurate results that are impossible to achieve manually. This ensures customer safety and avoids costly product recalls

Viewtech systems perform repeatable and certifiable controls and can easily be integrated with most management systems, storing images, statistics and data on every product checked.

Viewtech offers up to 40 simultaneous quality checks on every pack, automating quality control and checking each aspect of packaging, from labels to seal integrity, at speeds humans are unable to match. ViewTech can also make informed decisions about quality control. Based on pre-stored visual data derived from product labels, it decides what is the relevant action to take if an anomaly is found. It has the capability to check up to 240 packs per minute, ensuring that all labels are 100% accurate.

ViewTech ‘s intelligent visual inspection system checks everything from ensuring that the branding is accurate to sense-checking the product price, display, use-by dates and product weight. Product quality and seal integrity is checked as well as the fat content in each product. The presence of any foreign objects will also be flagged up. Preventing product contamination, greatly increasing customer safety. It will also check the product quantity, such as the number of meatballs in a pack, and pick up any variations in colour or texture, highlighting product quality issues.

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