Quality Control & Inspection

Due to the production speeds and volumes now required within factories, vision systems and X-ray inspection technology offer fast, reproducible and accurate results to optimise your production line and make automated labour-savings.

Automated vision systems accurately check every aspect of a product’s packaging. This includes labels, printed information, barcodes, seal integrity and the product itself. Having one decimal point out of place or one critical defect on a label can lead to an entire product line recall. So maintaining 100% accuracy at all times is essential.

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Sorting & Inspection

Raytec Vision are experts in optical sorting technology. To automate the quality control process and drive high volumes at high speed they specialise in vision systems and X-ray inspection.

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Quality Control & Smart Handling

Pulsotronic are industry-leading providers of quality control machines like checkweighers, optical inspection and metal detectors as well as handling systems such as stacking systems and automated loading to provide speed and efficiency.

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