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Posted by Jennifer Bilec on Feb 3, 2020 4:25:40 PM

To be or not to be plastic...

2020 is a frustrating place to be. Even though many believed that consumer confidence would return, spending over the critical 12W Christmas 2019 period was not robust. Many supermarkets posted -negative sales growth year on year. (The few exceptions being Ocado, Lidl and Aldi). And consumers are savvy - they understand their purchasing power significantly influences retailers' decisions. 

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Supermarkets are racing to find solutions to meet consumer demands. Based on the debate at the World Economic Forum 2020, the next ten years will be dominated by climate change and will focus on the topic of the ‘Sustainable Consumer’. But, the recent article by the BBC, “Plastic packaging ban ‘could harm environment,’” highlights that a complete ban on plastics for paper bags or glass isn’t a complete solution.


For 4 years, Sealpac UK & Partners have tried and tested solutions to reduce packaging

We have a tried and tested strategy for our customers to future-proof operations. For the last four years, Sealpac UK & Partners have focused on providing equipment that provides for flexibility in packaging solutions. We focus on being carbon neutral and the three core principles of the circular economy: reduction, reuse and recycling. We reduce your carbon footprint.

“The biggest change in the last 10 years is roughly 60%-70% reduction in the thickness and volume of materials. The quality of trays has exponentially improved – and this means an increased need for accurate and high-quality tray sealing equipment. Thankfully, with a Sealpac machine, we have already been supporting the Circular Economy for the last 4 years and we are able to keep up with emerging packaging solutions.”

– Kevin Witheford, Managing Director

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Market Leaders - we already have pioneering plastic-reducing and recyclable solutions 

We've always focused on the circular economy in creating bespoke packaging solutions for our customers. In fact, we already have 4 pioneering solutions that reduce plastic, create recyclable packaging and are more cost effective across the entire chain. Based on 2019 data, our solutions offer: 
    • A specfic design for delicate food and savings across the entire chain with Easylid®
    • 75% reduced plastic by using Flatskin ® vs. alternative leading packaging solution
    • 100% recyclability – Mono plastic trays can be placed in every day household recycling
    • 75% reduction over plastic and 100% recyclability – Foil can also be used on a Sealpac machine


FlatSkin - Cheese dairyFlatskin ®

Flatskin combines a sustainable card base with a flexible, vacuum film, to create attractive presentation that will help products stand out at retail. This design offers a 75% reduction in plastic, and is 100% recyclable, as the film and base can be easily separated.


EasyLid (2)

Easylid ®

EasyLid® is a patented, tray-sealing technology that enables sealing and lidding in one single step, hence creating maximum efficiency in the packaging process.



Market Leaders - Future proof your operations  

R&D efforts are focusing on developing sustainable alternatives. For example, bio-plastics or plant-based plastics. But, as shown by National Geographic – bioplastics don’t necessarily have a better carbon footprint. It means whatever equipment you buy today will need to work with future packaging solutions.


To ensure you invest in the right equipment, we partner with equipment manufacturers to deliver the full production line – from packaging to weighing to end of line inspection and quality assurance.

To provide full line and flexible capability, we’ve partnered with: 

 “Our key focus is to create bespoke, flexible, full line packaging solutions to reduce your carbon footprint but also be flexible enough to handle future packaging innovations. Our machines are world-renowned for providing multiple applications, all within one machine or with one tool change that can be done within 10 minutes."

– Kevin Witheford, Managing Director


Who are Sealpac UK & Partners?

We don’t compromise on operational efficiency. Based on 2019 customers data, we have the following results:

    • Our first customers report Sealpac machines still function at optimal levels 15 years later
    • 60% less engineer call outs due to preventative maintenance
    • 23% savings on labour costs
    • 20% less spent on spares
    • Continuing Professional Development training to upskill staff
    • Provision of after-sales service contracts to minimise downtime


 “Since mid-2016, we have implemented the SEALPAC UK preventative service package. A recent internal review carried out by ourselves has highlighted that the service costs have nearly been neutralised by the drop-in breakdown repair/parts costs. The impact on the business is that downtime on the machines has become minimal to insignificant.” 

- Existing Customer of 10 years

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