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Weighing & Packing

At SEALPAC UK, as well as providing cutting-edge food packaging machinery that is designed to adapt and grow with our customer’s changing needs, we also complement our range with the very latest in weighing, filling and food inspection technologies. 

We have partnerships with a select group of innovative companies, who are all leaders in their fields. The result is that we support our customers to boost their success in three key areas – quality, speed and efficiency.

Weighing & Packing Solutions Cabinplant Logo

Speed, flexibility and accuracy for the production line. Process fragile, sticky and wet products at speed and with a higher weighing accuracy, reducing give-away costs

Cabinplant is a world leader in the development of high quality processing technology, especially in the fields of processing and packing/weighing machines. Specialising in the handling of complex raw materials such as fragile sticky and wet products.

Cabinplant are the inventors of the screw-feeding principle. This has meant the meat, poultry, seafood, vegetable, confectionery and ready meal industries can achieve higher weighing accuracy. This method also reduces give-away costs considerably.

The customised weighing, filling and packing solutions provide accurate portion weighing. This results in increased capacity, reduced giveaway, and significantly increased yields.

The large capacity packaging line for fresh meat and poultry has been designed for a continuous and automated production flow. It can handle both few-piece and large portions. Three different types of packing methods can be handled on the same line:

  • Stationary portion packing in tray
  • Side-by-side packing on the fly
  • Direct filling in tray

The fully automatic multibatcher performs accurate high-speed weighing and handles portion sizes of up to 30 kg of meat or meat by-products. The accurate weighing of batches reduces give-away significantly compared to other systems and improves return on investment.

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Automated Skewering Systems MiVeg-Logo

Expert skewering technology is an innovation that can help customers diversify and grab market share

MiVEG provides efficient skewering technology for kebabs, cheeses and fruit. This provides you with labour-saving opportunities as well as repeatable quality. Their innovative machines bring unrivalled flexibility and consistency that support customers diversify and grab additional market share.

The machines are fast and reliable, processing wooden skewers to different products. Including fruit skewers, vegetables skewers, cheese skewers or meat skewers.

The company is focused on developing innovative machines that consistently offer flexible and effective solutions to the food industry. As a socially responsible company, MiVEG has also gained FSC® certification for its beech wood skewers.

Slicing/Interleaving/Loading Solutions  Sleegers logo

High-tech slicing, interleaving and modular production lines. Automation to help standardise the production line and maximise yield and OEE, while future-proofing against labour shortages and ongoing economic uncertainty

Sleegers Technique, based in Holland, is a leading international supplier of automated solutions. With customers across the world, the company’s range helps manufacturers to increase the speed of the production line, achieve greater accuracy, reduce waste and alleviate the growing labour shortage.

From slicing to interleaving and underleaving, weighing, stacking and loading, the company has extensive experience in working with the full spectrum of food products. This includes fish, fresh meat, cooked and cured meat,
As well as the core product range, for manufacturers with a particular problem that needs solving, Sleegers’ experienced team will work closely with them to create a bespoke solution, putting their superior engineer expertise to full use.

Check out these videos to see the technology in action.

Sausage Handling and Loading Systems singer-logo

Flexible solutions for enhancing the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the production line, with a high filling capacity and reduction in auxiliary times and waste

Singer & Sohn GmbH has more than 30 years’ experience in the fields of conveyor technology and stainless steel machinery for the food industry.

The Singer & Sohn loading system has been developed to deposit various products into packaging. It can take a chaotic feed and automatically line up the products into uniform stacks as required. For example, sausages can be singularized, then grouped in a pre-set quantity and deposited into the packaging machinery at the end.

The high performance grouping & depositing system can handle 250 sausages per minute into trays. The rotary device takes over the sausages from the transfer belt and passes them to the trays according to a pre-set quantity. Sausages which are too long are detected by the sensors and run through the system, without being deposited in the trays.

All Singer & Sohn systems meet the highest requirements in cleaning and hygiene and are optimally designed for wet cleaning.

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