Weighing & Packing

High-value commercial gains can be made from improving levels of precision and quality in food manufacturing. Our partnerships with weighing, filling and packing technology innovators support this goal.

With access to specialist equipment for all sectors, we can help you reduce giveaway costs and optimise yields with fast, accurate and hygienic solutions designed to adapt and grow with your changing needs.

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Weighing & Packing

Cabinplant are experts in handling fragile, sticky and wet products at speed. They are world leaders in the development of high-quality processing technology, especially in the fields of packing and weighing machines.

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Automated Skewering

MIVEG are true innovators in automated skewering technology. They create solutions that cater for multiple variations at high speeds, enabling true flexibility and labour-saving options for your peak seasons.

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We are constantly innovating to make better food. Keep up-to-date with all our latest news and product innovations so you don’t miss out.

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