Shrink Style (Fresh)

ShrinkStyle is SEALPAC’s fully automated packaging system, that combines the benefits of thermoforming and shrink bag technology, whilst achieving best product protection.

This newly developed technology starts with the forming of the bottom film, after which the product is then loaded, evacuated and sealed using high-precision technology.

 Your benefits with ShrinkStyle: 

  • Best product protection: contamination-free seals ensure excellent pack security 
  • Excellent quality: long-lasting freshness and extended shelf life
  • Optimal maturation: special films can be used for post-maturation
  • Increased productivity: efficient combination of two proven processes
  • Outstanding appearance: highly transparent shrink films with perfect fit
  • Broad selection of films: from high-quality shrink films to cost-effective PA/PE materials
  • Easy handling: optional opening aids
  • Profitable and sustainable solution: reduces costs and preserves resources due to economical use of materials
  • Product applications: large pieces of meat, whole roasts, hams and poultry, pizzas, and cheeses

The Shrink Style (Fresh) Application is used in the following sectors ..