ThermoSkin® - tight skin sealing for best product presentation

ThermoSkin® packaging is designed to fit the contours of your product perfectly. Even complex shapes, sharp-edges and food items taller than the sealing edge can be sealed to perfection under the deep vacuum of SEALPAC thermoformers.


The benefits of ThermoSkin®

  • Greatest product protection: extended shelf life, improved colour retention
  • Firm positioning: reduced dripping and secure product positioning
  • Secure packaging: leak-free sealing
  • Attractive appearance: highly transparent films, which fit like a second skin
  • Optimized logistics: excellent stackability with optional second top film
  • Eye-catching presentation: compatible with vertical or hanging presentation
  • Perfect for meat, poultry, and seafood products

World-class after sales support

Increase your OEE and ensure success with routine maintenance, easy access to spare parts, and a range of one-off engineering support services.

Request a sample

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