Slicepack - the packaging for sliced products

Slicepack is a packaging style suited to sliced products, with a top film holding the product in place.

Typically used in a thermoforming application, sliced meats, poultry, fish or cheese are placed in the base pack in a shingled format. Most products benefit from a modified atmosphere to extend shelf life.

Top films can include a reclose feature to allow the consumer to reseal the pack for storage in a refrigerator.

Slicepack cheese 2
Slicepack meat 1
Slicepack meat 2
Slicepack meat selection
Slicepack meat 4
Slicepack meat 6

The Benefits of Slicepack

  • Horizontal or vertical display
  • Minimised pack size
  • Hermetic pack with easy opening
  • Delicatessen - fresh look
  • Rigid trays
  • Barrier anti-fog lid film
  • Fully printable lid film
  • Perfect for these sectors: Dairy, Meat, Poultry, Fish

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