Modified Atmosphere Packaging – for ultimate freshness

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is the process where the atmosphere inside a package is replaced with a mix of gases to keep food looking, tasting and smelling fresh. SEALPAC tools are designed for optimum gas results in the pack, while reducing gas usage.

The exclusively developed SEALPAC MAP+ vacuum and gas system remove oxygen in the process and replaces it with a special gas mixture that forms a protective atmosphere around fresh contents. This can be achieved with shorter cycle times than the traditional MAP process, to allow for maximum productivity.

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The innovative E-MAP system (Equilibrium Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is an evolution of the common MAP process, which is specially designed for fresh produce. Specific metabolic processes which occur in fruits and vegetables convert oxygen into CO2 must be controlled to prevent fresh produce from drying out or spoiling. High-tech films provide controlled oxygen permeability, which keeps the oxygen content in the fresh fruit or vegetable pack at the favourable level of 2-6%.

The benefits of MAP:

  • Extends shelf life
  • Improves flavour, aroma and texture retention
  • Reduces product exposure and discolouration
  • Minimises waste and improves efficiency during production
  • Reduces the need for artificial preservatives
  • Consistent gas values and reduced gas consumption
  • E-MAP is precisely tailorable to the specific breathing characteristics of each product, and constantly optimises in-pack atmosphere
  • Perfect for bakery, convenience, dairy, meat, poultry, seafood, ready meals, pet food, and produce products

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