FlatMap® – less plastic and increased recyclability

FlatMap® is the latest sustainable packaging innovation from SEALPAC, offering up to 75% plastic reduction for sliced meats and cheeses under modified atmosphere. FlatMap® is a MAP packaging that consists of a high proportion of fibrous materials and is up to 100% recyclable. A recent study by Carbotech AG1 has confirmed FlatMap®'s improved eco-balance compared to conventional packaging for sliced fresh products.


The benefits of FlatMap®

  • Easy peel and reclosable versions available
  • Easy separation of plastic film and cardboard layer for streamlined recycling
  • Securely sealed under MAP for maximum shelf life
  • Eye-catching design for retail products
  • Double-sided printing for maximised brand communications
  • Plastic reduction of up to 75%
  • Lower carbon footprint than other packaging solutions on the market
  • Ability to reclose pack keeps food fresher for longer, reducing food waste
  • Perfect for dairy, meat, poultry, fish and convenience products

World-class after sales support

Increase your OEE and ensure success with routine maintenance, easy access to spare parts, and a range of one-off engineering support services.

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