eTray® - Less plastic, more space for brand messaging

eTray® is a new packaging system that will make a positive sustainable difference in the modified atmosphere packaging segment. This sustainable design offers up to a 40% reduction in plastic, and is fully recyclable.

The eTray® design features a high-quality cardboard base, and a plastic inner layer which allows for reliable sealing and barrier protection. The cardboard base is fully printable on both sides to allow for more space to communicate your brand message and make your product really stand out.

After use, the cardboard carrier and plastic inlay are easily separated to allow for sustainable disposal and recycling. Using the eTray® system is perfect for combatting the environmental issues facing the packaging sector.


The benefits of eTray®

  • Up to 40% reduction in plastic
  • Cardboard carrier and plastic inlay are easily separated for recycling
  • Sealed under modified atmosphere with 100% process security
  • High-quality cardboard base can be printed on inside and outside
  • Significant increase in communication potential
  • More sustainable and striking look at retail
  • Suitable for denesting
  • Perfect for convenience, meat, poultry, seafood, and ready meal products
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