Dream-Steam® - Gentle steam cooking and convenient handling

With innovative technologies and materials, SEALPAC provides modern steam cooking solutions for your fresh convenience products, with quick and easy handling while maintaining optimal quality and taste. Dream-Steam® offers consumers the ability to heat and steam cook ready meals without removing packaging.

Dream-Steam, 1-1
Dream-Steam, 2-3

The benefits of Dream-Steam®:

  • Innovative system: a prefabricated valve is integrated into the top film to regulate the steam pressure
  • Greatest convenience: steam cooking without having to unpack the product
  • Highest product quality: gentle cooking process conserves the flavours and preserves the nutrients
  • Time-saving: shortest cooking times with the best heating of the product
  • Perfect for microwavable convenience products for consumers, wholesalers and the catering industry

Dream-Steam® is a registered trademark of Delice Competence GmbH

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