Mic Vac

MicVac®, is an innovative in-pack pasteurization and microwave cooking concept, based on patented label technology. The MicVac® label, which serves as a valve, is applied to the top film before sealing.

Consumers are able to heat the product in their microwave in just a few minutes, with the valve releasing the steam of the food once it reaches the defined pressure point. 

Your benefits with MicVac®:

  • Innovative technology: special label serves as a valve
  • Less expensive option: film-based solution instead of a prefabricated valve 
  • Greatest convenience: steam cooking without having to unpack the product
  • Highest product quality: gentle cooking process conserves the flavours and preserves the nutrients
  • Time-saving handling: shortest cooking times with the best heating of the product
  • Product applications: microwavable convenience products for consumers, wholesalers and catering
  • MicVac® is a registered trademark of MicVac AB


The Mic Vac Application is used in the following sectors ..