Fresh fruit and vegetables are the bulk of the weekly shopping trip. But to get the very best return and maximise your profits, you need the perfect packaging solutions. Shelf-life, attractiveness and stackability are all key to success in the fruit and vegetable sector. However, customers are becoming more increasingly addicted to convenience too, with resealable and ready to eat portions now a large part of the market. At Sealpac UK, no matter your challenge, we have the right solution to meet your needs precisely.

You can also click on this link to view SEALPAC A6 Traysealer, excellent for fresh products such as salads. Despite its compact and solid design, it fits a large variety of tray sizes and can handle an unlimited number of packaging solutions.


Sealpac UK are the sole distributor of Raytec Vision in the UK. Raytec is a leading expert in optical sorting technology for dry foods, snacks, confectionery, fruits, vegetables and seafood.

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Our Solutions for Producers


Tray Sealers

SEALPAC offers maximum tray-sealing versatility for all types of freshly packed food products.

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Labelling systems are used to apply pre-printed labels on the packaging in the thermoforming packaging machines.

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There are not many skewering systems / kebab machines that has recognised the trend of the time on the basis of their variety. Of such machines that are fastly and reliably processing wooden skewers to different skewered products as kebab skewers, fruit skewers, vegetables skewers, cheese skewers or meat skewers, there is just one, the MiVEG KW-2001.

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Groundbreaking in the field of visual inspection, Raytec develops solutions to automate the quality control procedures, offering stand-alone systems based on vision inspection.

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ELS are a specialist manufacturer of labelling machines and offer our prospective and existing customers the complete product range, labelling systems, automatic labellers, labelling machines and coding systems.

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