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The demands and eating habits of consumers are changing. Smaller, healthier and more convenient tasty treats, snacks and ready-to-serve meals are becoming more popular.

To keep up with demand, speed, flexibility and accuracy are key to optimising your production along with automated labour-saving options. Our full-line solutions weigh, fill and pack a wide range of ready meal products into trays, pots, pouches or any other container. From traditional to innovative new developments – we’ve got it covered.

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Weighing and distribution of difficult to handle products

Inventors of the screw feed system for multihead weighing, Cabinplant are specialists in handling complex, sticky and wet products at speed. Perfect for minimising damage to products like marinated chicken, noodles, wet-sticky pasta plus many more.

  • Handle multiple products on the same system
  • Super easy product change-overs
  • Minimize give-away
  • Eliminate re-work and reduce labour costs
  • Increase speed and throughput

High speed liquid filling

The Cabinplant Continuous Liquid Filler (CLF) is the most flexible solution on the market. Thanks to a specially designed filling valve where dosed liquid follows the container opening, the CLF ensures precise pre- or final post-filling of liquids like tomato sauce, oil and brine, soups, or marinades into containers.

  • High speed liquid filler – up to 300 fillings/minute
  • Flexible – totally adjustable filling volume
  • Waste saving no-container, no-fill system
  • Hygienic, easy to dismantle and clean
  • Small machine footprint

Mess-free marinating system

By marinating products after portion weighing, this Cabinplant system ensures other machines in your production line are not soaked in marinade and reduces cleaning time significantly. This system is also perfect in scenarios where different flavours of marination are required throughout a production day.

  • Excellent weighing accuracy and no spillage
  • Minimum maintenance and easy cleaning
  • No marinade on conveyor and multi-head weigher
  • No give-away when handling small negative tolerances
  • Meets market demands for small batch production

Re-closable trays in one sealing process – EasyLid®

Creating maximum efficiency, EasyLid® is a unique concept for re-closable trays that provides full lid function in just one sealing process, while using less materials. It also addresses consumer demands for optimal convenience, maximum shelf life and sustainability.

  • Highly reliable lid solution – requires no additional snap-on lid
  • Very easy to open and close with no loss of lids at retail
  • Significant savings in packaging time, materials and weight
  • Reduction in transport and storage costs
  • No additional lidding system or personnel required
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