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Pet Food

Pets are part of the family, so it’s important they get the best quality food. This comes down to freshness, and the packaging you choose plays a big part in keep food fresh.

We offer a range of packaging solutions to help keep food fresh, advertise your brand, and provide exceptional customer convenience. From sorting to packing, all the way to final quality control, we’re focused on providing the best possible service for both you and your customers.

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A range of solutions to suit your needs

At Sealpac UK & Partners, our goal is to offer as wide a range of packaging solutions as we can, so we have something for every business.  Since our machines are fully bespoke, packaging designs are fully customisable to suit your branding and desired design.

Having this flexibility also means we can find the best solution for your product in terms of freshness and convenience. For example, for dry pet food, we suggest thermoformed packaging for reduced packaging costs and to protect your product from breakage.

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Reclosable for freshness and convenience

It’s important that your products remain fresh from when it’s first packaged, to when it’s enjoyed by a furry friend. We offer a range of solutions to keep pet food as fresh as possible.

  • Day by Day packaging presents each day’s portion in individual compartments, which are linked together like a chain.
  • Snap On lids are reusable, which means customers can keep their pets’ food fresher for longer.
EasyLid packaging solution

Leakproof by design

Ensuring that packaging is leakproof is a big priority in the pet food sector, especially for wet or frozen foods.

A popular choice among our customers is the EasyLid solution, which has an easy peel film and reclosable lid built in. The EasyLid design is not only reclosable for freshness, but is also available in mono plastic so it is fully recyclable.


Download our case study to learn how Sealpac UK & Partners helped a small pet food business find the perfect packaging solution.


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