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Convenience is a growing sector, as more and more consumers are enjoying conveniently packaged snacks and ‘grab and go’ meals. With a wealth of companies tapping into this growing industry, it’s more important than ever that your products stand out.

Sealpac UK & Partners offer a range of solutions to help your brand stand out from the competition, in terms of freshness, convenience and sustainability.

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Fridge Raiders triple compartment snap pack

Packaging for consumer convenience

It goes without saying that the convenience sector demands convenient packaging. We offer easy open and reclosable solutions, which are great for keeping food fresh on the go:

  • Snap On lids are designed to keep leftover snacks fresh.
  • EasyLid features both a hermetic seal and a snap on lid in one easy solution.
  • Duo offers dual compartments for better portioning, or to keep snack ingredients separate.
Nuts in no-touch packaging

Optimal freshness to impress

Your customers deserve the very best quality. Keep your products looking, smelling and tasting their best, by selecting packaging that keeps food fresher for longer. We tailor the packaging to your product, so we can suggest a solution that covers all eventualities.

  • E-MAP keeps cut fruit and vegetable snacks fresh by controlling the oxygen level inside the packaging.
  • MAP is perfect for ready to eat sandwiches, as is our Rapid Air Forming solution.
EasyLid packaging solution

Sustainable solutions

The new generation of consumers also have another priority in mind when deciding on a purchase: sustainability. Set your brand apart and show your support for the environment with sustainable packaging alternatives.

Our machines are compatible with more recyclable mono plastics, so your customers can rest assured that they are making the right choice when buying your product.

Cabinplant Multihead Weigher with Vibratory Feed

Better weighing, portioning and mixing

Cabinplant’s multihead weighing solutions aren’t just for meats and bulk packs. Multihead weighers can also be used for weighing and portioning snacks such as nuts and sweets too.

If you’re looking to produce bags of mixed nuts, for example, Cabinplant’s multihead weigher with vibratory feed solutions can mix up to four different types of product, and distribute them evenly throughout each pack.

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