Intermittent Motion Bagger - Up To 10 Different Bag Styles

The UVA Newton TX features our cutting-edge turnable cross-seal bar system, providing customers with an extensive variety of bag styles. When in the 90-degree turned position, the Newton TX can produce Doy style bags or 3-sided pillow bags. We provide several inline zipper options, including press-to-close, slider zippers, or hook-to-hook fasteners like Velcro and Aplix, specifically designed for bags created with the seal bars in the turned 90-degrees position. To complete the bag, options such as a carry handle or a Eurohole can be added.

  • Turnable cross seal bars
  • Doy and three-sided pillow with zipper
  • Zip punch unit reduces zip material in seal
  • Intermittent motion technology
  • 8 kN seal pressure for a wide range of film thicknesses
  • Lower footprint compared to horizontal Doy packaging lines
  • Fast, easy, and tool-less changeovers
  • Autosplicer for film waste reduction and improved efficiency
  • Modular design allows for multiple expandability in bag options

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