Intermittent Motion Bagger - Up To 7 Different Bag Styles

The UVA Newton 400 belongs to our intermittent Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) lineup. Leveraging servo-driven intermittent technology, it offers distinct advantages to the industry, featuring fewer moving parts, high reliability, and cost-efficiency with exceptional bag finishing quality. With large seal bars, it accommodates a broad range of bag widths, up to a maximum of 400 mm for pillow bags. The UVA Newton achieves an intermittent speed of up to 120 pillow bags per minute. Its modular frame design provides the flexibility to incorporate various machine features, such as a four-corner seal unit, air deflation unit, auto splicer, and more. The UVA Newton can produce up to 10 different bag styles, offering a variety of reclosable options and advanced features for multiple film types, all within a single machine.

  • Utilizes intermittent motion technology
  • Features 400 mm seal bars suitable for medium and large bag widths
  • Constructed with a stainless steel design
  • Modular design allows for multiple expandability in bag options
  • Rated IP54 for enhanced dust protection and water splashing resistance
  • Facilitates fast, easy, and tool-less changeovers
  • Equipped with a Combi seal system for both heat seal and/or impulse sealing
  • Includes water cooling for the impulse sealing system
  • Capable of handling bag weights up to 20 kg

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