Turning the spotlight on festive automation

We’re finally coming to the end of 2021, and what a year it’s been! This year, our automated solutions have provided integral part of production line efficiency, uninterrupted thanks to the reliable quality of the machines, 24/7 customer support, and quality servicing.

The festive season is always a busy and demanding time, and this year we face even more need for automated solutions when labour challenges increase. Our jamming festive band, the Treatles, are here to introduce their favourite solutions to sort it, fill it, pick it, weigh it and more.


Sort it with Raytec

Is Sammy Sprout supposed to be jamming with the broccoli? Or looking a bit too big compared to his bandmates? Raytec’s optical sorting solutions use the highest resolution cameras to examine products and identify imperfections, foreign objects or contaminants. The Christmas veg is officially sorted!

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Weigh it with Cabinplant

Slippery Sally Salmon can be difficult to handle! Dealing with fragile, sticky or just plain hard-to-handle products? The Cabinplant screw-feed multihead weigher is designed to handle difficult items which need a little extra care. This flexible machine features continuous weighing and screw dosing time that automatically adjusts as a function of partial portion weighing.


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Pick it with SHEFF

Not enough pairs of hands? The SHEFF pick-and-place robot uses smart camera recognition technology to view the production line in three dimensions, and place products just where they need to be. SHEFF is compact, fast and cost-effective, so that the only thing you’ll have to worry about picking is the best jingle for a Christmas sing-along.


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Seal it with SEALPAC

The cutting-edge technology used in SEALPAC traysealers makes them incredibly versatile across different markets and many packaging types. The possibilities are endless: from hot or cold fillings, long or short runs, to traditional MAP or sustainable FlatMap® packs. What could be better than having one machine that can do it all, with interchangeable tooling for quick product or format changes? The only thing that’s more useful this time of year is a dishwasher for all those plates after Christmas dinner!

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Deposited by LEONHARDT

Sophisticated Leonhardt depositors handle all your sauces and smaller sized foods into perfect portions, with minimal spillage and giveaway. All your buffet goodies from cooked rice, pasta, grated carrot and other ready meal components can be portioned with ease – giving you more time to create the perfect menu which is equally measured for everyone to enjoy.

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Portioned by CARSOE

Carsoe Portion-2-Pack solutions get each portion into their respective packs with minimal fuss. With outputs of up to 135 trays a minute, the only thing quicker is a flock of Timmy Turkeys running from your Christmas plate. Carsoe makes their solutions bespoke to fit all specifications and product types automatically filling trays and delivering them to the tray sealer further down the line. Carsoe Portion-2-Pack technology ensures accurate product loading with exceptional labour savings.


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