SHEFF: the new automated solution for labour shortages

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Use Fields

Sachets in ready-to-eat salads, sachets and cups in ready meal kits, convenience foods, snacks, fresh produce, bakery products


SHEFF Six Pak automation

Sealpac UK & Partners are proud to be the exclusive UK & Ireland distributors of a new piece of automation which aims to increase packing efficiency and respond to concerns about labour shortages.

SHEFF uses smart camera recognition technology to view the production line in three dimensions, meaning it can accurately detect product placement in standard euro crates, with no pre-positioning required.

SHEFF provides a compact and cost effective solution to recent labour shortages. SHEFF's smart camera imaging technology detects where products are, and SHEFF then makes on-the-fly adjustments to accurately pick and place. SHEFF is revolutionary in its ability to adapt to changes during the production process and still maintain full efficiency.

SHEFF can be synchronised with various filling machines like flow packers, tray sealers, VFFS machine and index conveyors.

Features & Benefits

  • 50 picks per minute

  • Compatible with chaotic arrangements of products

  • Depth perception along the X, Y, and Z axes

  • No pre-positioning required

  • Applications across a variety of sectors

  • Cost effective

  • Mobile and compact to fit over existing production lines

  • Hygienic design

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