Processing Solutions

Here at SEALPAC UK we pride ourselves on offering the latest in processing and quality control technologies to compliment our comprehensive range of packaging solutions. Our processing solutions include:

  • Vision inspection to drive line efficiencies and improve quality control with traceablity
  • High speed kebab systems for a variety of food sectors



There are not many skewering systems / kebab machines that has recognised the trend of the time on the basis of their variety. Of such machines that are fastly and reliably processing wooden skewers to different skewered products as kebab skewers, fruit skewers, vegetables skewers, cheese skewers or meat skewers, there is just one, the MiVEG KW-2001.

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Groundbreaking in the field of visual inspection, Viewtech develops solutions to automate the quality control procedures, offering stand-alone systems based on the vision inspection.

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