Smart Skewering Systems

With patented skewering technology, high production volumes at speed, automated skewering is a must have in your production line. Producing handmade looking skewers with repeatable quality and socially responsible skewer materials at adjustable speeds, there’s a real need for machines that offer flexible and labour-saving solutions for those very busy periods like barbecue time!

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Features & Benefits:

  • High-speed, automated skewering
  • 7,200 hand-made looking skewers per hour, that’s 12 to 120 per minute (System 7200)
  • 4,080 hand-made looking skewers per hour, that’s 8 to 68 per minute (System 4080)
  • Optional 100% natural Beech, FSC certified skewers
  • Can work with many types of skewers from beech wood to bamboo to birch and more
  • Adjustable production speeds
    Product changes achievable within 20 minutes
  • Pick and place automation
  • Optional clean-in-place extension

How we can help you

  • MIVEG 1440
  • MIVEG 4080 & 7200

The MIVEG 1440 is an individual machine that enables flexible entry into semi-automated skewer production. Through prototyping and creating individual product moulds the system can continuously adapt to meet your customer’s requirements. Each mould can be individually replaced and switched which enables very quick product changeovers – perfect for individual order style businesses that want to produce variety at pace.

Designed for 2-5 employees to operate, this reliable machine produces high-quality skewers that brings to market unrivalled flexibility and consistency to help you truly grab your customer's attention. 

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The MIVEG 4080 and 7200 are high-speed skewer systems capable of up to 10 million and 15 million skewers per season respectively. MIVEG are inventors of serial production for handmade looking skewers and experts in high-speed automation. MIVEG guarantees optimal output due to their patented skewering system. The machines are fast and reliable. By processing wooden skewers for many different products, MIVEG machines provide you with labour-saving opportunities as well as repeatable quality. 

As a socially responsible company, MIVEG has gained FSC® certification for its' beech wood skewers and brings to market unrivalled flexibility and consistency with the opportunity to diversify your products and grab your customer's attention. 

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Achieving ROI in 18 Months with a Customised Solution

  • Case Study

Large poultry producer in Europe

One of the largest poultry producers in Europe wanted to find an automatic weighing solution for their small fixed-weight poultry packages. Having a reliable and accurate weighing solution reduced giveaway to within 1% of the target weight and achieved an estimated saving of €678k per year.

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