Gentle and Dynamic

Products: Soups, sauces, dressings, gulasch with particles upto 30x30x30 mm, stews, delicatessen salads, ready meal components like mashed potato red beet, sauerkraut, vegetable mixes, marmelades, jams, honey etc. (homogenous and pumpable, without separation)

Combinations: Traysealers (single and multiple lanes), thermoformers, pouch packaging machines and flowwrappers, cartoning machines and conveyorlines for jars, cans, buckets and cups.

Dosing Capacity: Max. 20 - 50 cycles / min / position, depending on product and dosing volume.

Dosing Positions: 1 - 12, performance is dosing positions x cycles.

Dosing System: Dosing cylinder with rotary valves.

Volume Adjustment: The stroke length and speed of the servo driven dosing cylinders is adjustable on the Touch Screen OP. Memory for maximum 100 different product programs

Controls: PLC S7 with ouch-screen operator panel.

Dismounting: Easy manual "one-tool“ operation.

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