RE-series Thermoformers

New Features for 2021

  • Hygiene covers for film unwinders

    New hygiene covers are now available to prevent particles or liquid falling onto the film during storage or production. These covers are lightweight by design, and made from either PET/G mounted in a stainless-steel frame or manufactured completely from stainless steel.

  • Reversed film trim re-winders

    If an RE-series thermoformer is positioned through a wall in two different hygiene sections (e.g. wet and dry), the film trim re-winders may take up more space than necessary. To make it easier to position RE thermoformers as close to a wall as possible, these winders can be built in reverse. This makes optimal use of production space, with no extended out-feed required for hassle-free transport.

  • New tooling quick exchange system from the side

    SEALPAC are now offering a quick tooling exchange system for RE-series thermoformers. This is a system similar to what is already offered in the PRO-series range, and is available for the RE20, RE25 and RE30 models. This new feature is applicable to both the forming and sealing stations, as well as the confirmation station. Customers who regularly change between pack sizes and/or product applications can save precious production time with the new easy-to-use side exchange, all without having to lift heavy dies!

Our RE series of Thermoformers are reliable, long-lasting machines. They are very economical in terms of energy usage and have low maintenance demands. An optimal solution no matter the application or capacity, all models come with uniform standard features and can be easily upgraded or adapted for changes in your production. Our unique Rapid Air Forming system works without stamps. It enables precise, high-quality forming and corner reinforcement with thinner films. Cycle times are also dramatically reduced due to shorter forming and ventilation times.

RE15 is the machine for entry level professionals, RE20 is the flexibility leader with RE25 the best modular solution. RE30 is the high-end solution for great speed and capacity.

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative Rapid Air Forming system for rigid and flexible films
  • Energy-saving solution that requires no pre-heating before forming
  • Consistent forming and sealing due to high-performing lifting system
  • No-wastage with accurate strip cutting with powerful suction
  • Quick tooling changeover
  • Compact stainless steel design with ultimate flexibility
  • Touch screen that’s easily operated, storing up to 40 programmes
  • Hinged side panels and accessible components for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Standardised components available quickly to reduce downtime

We have the experience, expertise and solutions to help you ensure that your production line is as efficient as it can possibly be.

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