PRO-series Thermoformers

New Features for 2021

  • Safety cover for large pack cycles

    PRO-series thermoformers are known for their small footprint and large loading area, and the original design uses safety shutters instead of covers. SEALPAC are now offering the option of an additional safety cover at the sealing station, which is specially design for pack applications which weigh 5-7kg per cycle.

  • Out-feed conveyor

    The new out-feed conveyor for PRO thermoformers is automatically synchronised with the film transport to reduce syncing issues. This new feature uses a different design compared to the original, as the new version is based on the newer RE-series to improve durability.

  • Data logging

    At long last, it’s now possible to now supply PRO Thermoformers with data logging functions! This new feature allows customers to connect a PRO thermoformer with factory software via a VPN router.

    After connecting, customers will be able to see if the machine is running, has stopped, experiencing errors with water, gas or vacuum, or waiting for up- or down- stream equipment. This gives SEALPAC customers the capability to monitor machine status remotely. Additional information can also be logged upon request.

The PRO-series gives first-class packaging results on a compact Thermoformer, enabling quick return on investment for small and medium sized businesses. You can handle a multitude of packaging applications on one machine with quick tooling exchange for even greater flexibility.

Equipped with our energy-efficient and film-saving Rapid Air Forming system as standard, the PRO-series improves forming consistency, particularly in the corners of packs. It also facilitates higher outputs due to shorter vacuum and ventilation times and reduces wastage with accurate strip cutting.

Features & Benefits

  • Space-saving machines with minimal footprints

  • Loading-zones for manual or auto filling

  • Flexibility to handle various packaging systems such as flexible film, vacuum, rigid film modified atmosphere and shrink style
  • Stainless steel design with easily accessible machine components
  • Low-maintenance devices for vacuum and lubrication needs
  • Extremely user friendly, self-explanatory machine interface

We have the experience, expertise and solutions to help you ensure that your production line is as efficient as it can possibly be.

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