PRO-series Thermoformers

The PRO-series gives first-class packaging results on a compact Thermoformer, enabling quick return on investment for small and medium sized businesses. You can handle a multitude of packaging applications on one machine with quick tooling exchange for even greater flexibility.

Equipped with our energy-efficient and film-saving Rapid Air Forming system as standard, the PRO-series improves forming consistency, particularly in the corners of packs. It also facilitates higher outputs due to shorter vacuum and ventilation times and reduces wastage with accurate strip cutting.

Features & Benefits

  • Space-saving machines with minimal footprints

  • Loading-zones for manual or auto filling

  • Flexibility to handle various packaging systems such as flexible film, vacuum, rigid film modified atmosphere and shrink style
  • Stainless steel design with easily accessible machine components
  • Extremely user friendly, self-explanatory machine interface
  • Low-maintenance devices for vacuum and lubrication needs

We have the experience, expertise and solutions to help you ensure that your production line is as efficient as it can possibly be.

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