The packaging machine is at the heart of the food processing line. It is here that your business gains its competitive advantage and increases profits. But only if you have robust, reliable equipment that uses the latest technology to ensure you’re working at peak performance.

At Sealpac we offer the very best range of thermoformers available in the UK today. Our machines are the gold standard of packaging equipment. German design with British service and ingenuity.

Sealpac Thermoformers come with a range of options from fully automatic cross-feed labelling systems and variable data printing for ‘best before’, EU and company logos, and product codes. Our high speed systems can be configured to suit your exact needs and produce your food in every technology including MAP, Best Fresh, Rapid Air, Shrink, Soft Vacuum and many more. 

Options include ...

Fully automatic cross-feed

Labelling systems are used to apply pre-printed labels on the packaging in the thermoforming packaging machines. The cross-feed labelling systems are installed on the thermoformer and can be configured for any packaging size. Packaging can be labelled on the top or on the bottom, satisfying your demands. 


Because of its compact and flexible design, the Amaco flexo print unit (EC-coder) is very suitable for printing variable data such as 'best before' data, product codes and EU logos. The data is printed on the top foil by means of ink cushions and printing blocks. By using flexible printing blocks, printing and investment costs remain low, there is no danger of damaging the foil, printing can be done at a high speed and shifting is simple and fast. You can order your flexo print unit with a mechanical, pneumatic and/or Servo positioning system. This way, the system can be provided entirely tailor-made. 


Any kind of product information can be formed into the bottom of hard foil packaging as a means of identification. To this end, replaceable letters or numbers are placed in the shaping instrument. Symbols, such as company logos, can also be placed in the shaping instrument. During the thermoforming process, the symbols are depicted in the thermoformed part of the packaging.

Packaging Technologies

Every SEALPAC machine can be configured to produce your food in the following technologies.
Map Map
Gas Flushing Gas Flushing
Easy Peel Easy Peel
Slicepack Slicepack
Best Fresh Best Fresh
Day by Day Day by Day
E-Map E-Map
Flexible Film Vacuum Flexible Film Vacuum
Rapid Air Forming Rapid Air Forming
Shrink Style (Fresh) Shrink Style (Fresh)
Shrink (Ovenable) Shrink (Ovenable)
Soft Vacuum Soft Vacuum
TenderPac TenderPac
Thermoskin Thermoskin
Tri-Web Tri-Web
Contour Cutting Contour Cutting


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