Selpac Thermoformer


At Sealpac UK & Partners, we offer the latest thermoforming technology with quality construction. Combine SEALPAC's state-of-the art materials and unique know how, and you get a high-performing, precise and efficient packaging machine.

No matter what the scale of your operation is, SEALPAC thermoformers can be tailored to your specific needs. They use the latest in automated food packaging technology, modular design and interchangeable tooling to ensure you’re working at optimum levels. This gives you an advantage across product quality, freshness and shelf-appeal. With a focus on sustainability, we package your products efficiently and in the style of packaging that you want. 

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Packaging styles and technolgy

These high speed systems can be configured to produce your food in every packaging technology including MAP, Best Fresh, Shrink, Soft Vacuum and many more. You’ll only need one SEALPAC machine for all your packaging needs.

Flexible Film Vacuum Flexible Film Vacuum
Day by Day Day by Day
Best Fresh Best Fresh
Contour Cutting Contour Cutting
Thermoskin Thermoskin
Slicepack Slicepack
Easy Peel Easy Peel
Tri-Web Tri-Web
Shrink Style (Fresh) Shrink Style (Fresh)
Soft Vacuum Soft Vacuum
Rapid Air Forming Rapid Air Forming
E-Map E-Map
Easy Peel Point Easy Peel Point
TenderPac TenderPac
Gas Flushing Gas Flushing
Map Map

Thermoformer machines

Vacuum wrapped meat cropped
SEALPAC PRO-series Thermoformers are a very cost-efficient solution with the smallest footptint. Starting a just 3 metres in length, their size does not hinder their performance. They are suitable for almost any application in the food industry too.
  • Entry Level
  • MAP, Skin
  • Filler Integration
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steak in packaging cropped
SEALPAC RE-series Thermoformers are perfect for high output levels and the most demanding packaging types. With quick and effortless changeovers, they offer maximum flexibility across different shapes and every technology application.
  • RE 15
  • RE 20
  • RE 25
  • RE 30
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Why use Sealpac UK?

As well as providing cutting-edge food packaging machinery that is designed to adapt and grow with our customers' changing needs, we’ve created a network of innovative and trusted partners to complement our range with the very latest in weighing, processing, food inspection and QA technologies. 

The result is that we help our customers to boost their success in three key areas – quality, speed and efficiency, and we back this up with world-class service, support and training.

Pre-Sales Consultancy


Our team use their industry expertise to ensure we understand your goals and work together to find the right solutions to meet your business objectives.

  • Requirements setting

  • Focus on circular economy

  • Bespoke design

  • Demonstrations

  • Site visits

  • Personalised quotes

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Full-Line Solutions

Vega Sealpac-1

We design, deliver and project manage the installation of bespoke machines across the full production line, distributing world-class equipment to the UK from our exclusive patners.

Sorted by: Raytec Vision
(Optical & x-ray sorters)

Filled by: Cabinplant
(Multi-head weighers & screw-feeding)

Packaged by: SEALPAC
(Traysealers & thermoformers)

Checked by: Pulsotronic
(Automated end-of-line inspection)

After-Sales Support


Our support services and contracts help minimise downtime, keeping your line at optimum productivity.

  • Discounts on critical spares

  • Expert training (5/5 Google rating)

  • 60% fewer engineer callouts through preventative maintenance

  • On-site troubleshooting

  • 23% saving on annual labour costs

  • Emergency call-out teams

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