For a long time, meat maturation and presentation in case-ready format were not possible without repackaging. The negative influences on appearance and shelf life were too high.

 Our completely new TenderPac system has now opened the door to direct meat maturation. A two-compartment system provides for separation of the process-related meat juices and the actual meat product. 

TenderPac helps give your product a delicate texture and the best meat flavour by controlled maturation. Its appetizing presentation will be a real eye-catcher at retail. The patented ActiveStick serves as a juice absorber and can be used for additional communication purposes.  

TenderPac benefits at a glance:

  • Controlled maturation: delicate texture and the best meat flavour – without repackaging
  • Maximum shelf life: best colour retention, optimal maturation process 
  • Appetizing appearance: the customer gets a real piece of meat without drip-loss 
  • Hygienic storage: meat juices and residual oxygen are absorbed by the patented ActiveStick 
  • Problem-free handling: fully functional system, whether stored or presented vertically or horizontally
  • Greatest product protection: safe and durable packaging
  • Reduced costs: no repackaging from bulk packs to the case-ready format
  • Product applications: red meat.

The TenderPac Application is used in the following sectors ..