Use fields

Diced tomatoes, extruded tomatoes, tomato pulp, fruit jam, fruit pulp, pulpy diced fruit, oranges and other citrus fruit pulp

Typhoon is an octa-chromatic sorting machine which was specially designed for diced or pulpy products.

Typhoon uses NIR (Near InfraRed) technology for Visible Color analysis,  Translucency analysis. NIR detects the presence of rot and foreign bodies inside the produce, whilst Visible Color detects colour defects on the outside, such as discolouring, damage, etc. Translucency analysis enables detection of stones and contaminants on the belt side of the produce. 

Imperfections are detected in real time and provides qualitative data to give insight into the quality of the batch. Typhoon is equipped with a vacuum extractor reject system, which removes contaminated pulp quickly and efficiently.


Features & Benefits

  • Ethernet connection is available for remote control

  • User-friendly interface
  • Constant selection over 3 work shifts
  • High production capacity
  • Image capture of rejected produce for post-production analysis
  • Low maintenance
  • High levels of quality and safety which is not available via manual processes

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Since mid-2016, we have implemented the preventative service package. A recent internal review has highlighted that the service costs have nearly been neutralised by the drop-in breakdown repair/parts costs. The impact on the business is that downtime on the machines has become minimal to insignificant.

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From East Yorkshire, Wold Fayre produce chose Raynbow to sort and wash potatoes for the crisping, chipping, ware, catering and seed industries.

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