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Shredded iceberg lettuce, spinach, curly kale, diced carrot, sweetcorn, garden peas, blueberries, raspberries, sliced onion, and much more!

Curiosity is the first optical sorting machine to achieve total hygiene compliance according to the EHEDG guidelines. The half-hexagonal shape ensures every corner of the machine can be cleaned in depth, and the absence of hollow tubes is designed to make Curiosity less prone to harbouring microorganisms. The machine's open frame shape allows for any cable to be wired without the need for unhygienic wire clumps, which aids the sanitisation process.

This deca-chromatic machine uses an LED pulsed light with a CCD camera with 0.3 x 0.3mm resolution to efficiently sort waste product from usable produce. Curiosity also provides image captures of the line in real time, and detects statistical data on rejected products for quality analysis of the selected raw material.

As with all Raytec machines, Curiosity is fitted with a traction controlled, stabilized belt that reaches the speed of 240 m/min. A smart frame design means that the belt can be changed in under five minutes, without the need for additional tools.


Features & Benefits

  • Totally hygienic design

  • User-friendly interface
  • Constant inspection over 3 work shifts

  • Ethernet connection is available for remote control
  • IP68 waterproof grade
  • Image capture of rejected produce for post-production analysis
  • Great labour savings - up to 100% can be achieved
  • Can operate with temperature control from 4 °C to 40 °C


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Since mid-2016, we have implemented the preventative service package. A recent internal review has highlighted that the service costs have nearly been neutralised by the drop-in breakdown repair/parts costs. The impact on the business is that downtime on the machines has become minimal to insignificant.

Existing Sealpac UK customer of 10 years

From East Yorkshire, Wold Fayre produce chose Raynbow to sort and wash potatoes for the crisping, chipping, ware, catering and seed industries.

Wold Fayre Produce, UK