Semi-automatic Skewer System 1440

Sector Applications

Meat, sausages, minced meat, poultry, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables for barbecue, shashlik, kebab, antipasti, party food and more.


MIVEG Beech Wood Skewers

Anyone can make skewers, but only skewers from MIVEG are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. MIVEG’s beech wood skewers are much more resistant to breakage than other wooden skewers, and so are perfectly suited for use in high-performance skewer systems.

MIVEG skewers are food safe, and BRC and FSC® certified. With three types of skewer available – flat, round and flag – you’ll be sure to find the perfect solution for your product.

Lengths:  80-250mm

Diameter: 3.0-10.0mm

The MIVEG 1440 is an individual machine that enables flexible entry into semi-automated skewer production. Through prototyping and creating individual product moulds the system can continuously adapt to meet your customer’s requirements. Each mould can be individually replaced and switched which enables very quick product changeovers – perfect for individual order style businesses that want to produce variety at pace.

Designed for 2-5 employees to operate, this reliable machine produces high-quality skewers that brings to market unrivalled flexibility and consistency to help you truly grab your customer's attention. 

Low cost and effective - Perfect for the food service industry or butchers shops trying to quickly transition into the retail market. 


Features & Benefits

  • High-speed, semi-automated skewering
  • 1,440 hand-made looking skewers per hour
  • Works with a variety of skewers from birch to beach wood 
  • Very easy to clean
  • Optional 100% natural Beech, FSC certified skewers
  • Round skewers  from 1 cm - 2.5 cm in length
  • Quick, simple tooling change to vary products
  • A compact machine requiring little floor space

We have the experience, expertise and solutions to help you ensure that your production line is as efficient as it can possibly be.

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