Sealpac Innovation

Innovation and R&D

Our innovations – the driving force of progress

Through our strong partnerships with customers and packaging suppliers our innovative product development continues to drive new and exciting products and applications in the market.

SEALPAC® has an extensive list of market leading applications including the impressive Inside Cut system along with TraySkin, TraySkin X Plus for product protrusion, MAP systems,  EasyLid and TenderPac. The list goes on.

We are able to respond to the ever-changing demands with regard to modern food packaging and also innovate to drive the optimisation of packaging technology forwards and thus open up new opportunities to the industry.

This future oriented philosophy is made possible through continuous development and investment in our highly skilled and experienced teams of multi-disciplined engineers. Combined with our partnership approach we continually set new standards and are able to develop specific solutions for your individual needs. All our developments are driven by using the latest economical, advanced and efficient methods.