Sealpac Uk Company


At SEALPAC UK we work to your timescales and your budget. We shape and adapt our service to meet your needs precisely. We’re a modern, innovative company with the agility you need to succeed.

For almost 30 years we’ve been serving companies across the UK and Ireland. From start-up businesses to small local firms, right up to multinational corporations. SEALPAC UK customers rely on us and our products. And we don’t let them down.

Our directors, engineers, consultants and customer service staff are experienced people, committed to the very highest standards. And we don’t stand still. We’re continually pushing ourselves to deliver more for customers; improving response times, increasing after-sales services and ensuring we offer the very best personal service in the industry.  

We understand your challenges and we know the industry. We’re constantly looking ahead to the next innovation and the next trend. This broad vision means we can push the boundaries of manufacturing, developing future-proof, cutting-edge solutions that improve productivity, reduce waste, raise food quality, increase shelf life and cut costs.


SEALPAC has been successfully installing tray sealers into almost every food sector, starting with the first machine installation in 1996. There are now over 250 machines and over 600 tooling sets supplied to produce the highest quality hermetically sealed trays in a number of different applications.

SEALPAC is well known for pioneering modified atmosphere packing (MAP) machines as well as atmospheric sealing on products such as meat, poultry, fish, salads, vegetables, ready meals, snacks, and many other convenience foods that are available from retailers and many catering outlets.



Our innovations – the driving force of progress.

Through our strong partnerships with customers and packaging suppliers our innovative product development continues to drive new and exciting products and applications in the market.

SEALPAC® has an extensive list of market leading applications including Flatskin, the impressive Inside Cut system along with TraySkin, TraySkin X Plus for product protrusion, MAP systems, EasyLid and TenderPac. The list goes on.

We are able to respond to the ever-changing demands with regard to modern food packaging and also innovate to drive the optimisation of packaging technology forwards and thus open up new opportunities to the industry.

This future-oriented philosophy is made possible through continuous development and investment in our highly skilled and experienced teams of multi-disciplined engineers. Combined with our partnership approach we continually set new standards and are able to develop specific solutions for your individual needs. All our developments are driven by using the latest economical, advanced and efficient methods.

You can read about our latest innovations here.



The quality – your guarantee.

We are sincerely committed to the high standards applied to our technology. The very high degree of standards for our in-house production alone gives us precise control over the quality of our products.

In addition, both our development and service offerings are regularly audited by external and independent institutions which in turn help to drive the highest quality products. Through strong partnerships and attention to detail you can rely on technology developed to function even under the most demanding conditions. 

Through this committed approach SEALPAC® continue to be a long term and successful partner and supplier to the packaging industry.



We’re here to make a difference to people who make food. We want to be the most innovative and valuable partner a food producer could choose.

Our relentless focus helps our customers to:

  • produce stylish, eco-friendly, easy-to-use food products that consumers  love (boosting sales)
  • improve packaging efficiency, productivity and reliability (making life easier and more profitable)
  • enhance food quality and safety (protecting and growing brand reputation)
  • extend the shelf life of food products (boosting profits).

SEALPAC UK is a world class supplier of high quality, innovative solutions. We are a trusted provider, offering “fresh thinking” that gives you a competitive advantage. We value quality above all things. In our business you will often hear us say “Quality is non-negotiable.”

Innovation and professionalism are the other values we hold most dear.

We help our customers make food better. This protects their ability to make higher profits today and tomorrow. 




SEALPAC UK provides full product line support. Click below to see our full capabilities: