AnyTray Portion-2-Pack

Use Fields

Packing fish, poultry, meat and mince into trays of various materials (maximum dimensions: 325mm x 265mm)

The AnyTray Portion-2-Pack range aims to increase efficiency in product packing and loading. The Portion-2-Pack system takes the portioned product from further up the production line and places it into trays without the need for manual positioning.

AnyTray Portion-2-Pack machines can be positioned between portioning automation and traysealers for optimal efficiency and reduction in labour costs. The compact design makes integration into existing production lines even easier.

Features & Benefits

  • Max capacity of 60-135 trays per minute
  • Easy integration in existing production & packing lines
  • Intelligent electrical control system

  • Hygienic design
  • Automatic tray refilling when combined with an AnyTray Denester
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Short return on investment

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