AnyTray CleanLine Denester

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Trays of various materials with maximum dimensions of 360mm x 280mm

The AnyTray CleanLine Denester is an automatic tray-denesting system which quickly and accurately positions trays on production or packing lines prior to product loading. This compact machine offers quick and easy changeovers with no additional tools required, in as little as just one minute.

Each AnyTray CleanLine Denester is custom-made for one tray with a specific length and width, but are designed to handle trays of various materials and depths. Optional add-ons include a guide plate for trays and an air-blast feature to remove trays after denesting.

Features & Benefits

  • Max capacity of 120 trays per minute
  • Easy integration into existing production and packing lines
  • Compact size
  • Hygienic design
  • One-minute, tool-free changeover
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Short return on investment

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