Multihead Weigher with Screw Feed

Use Fields

Fresh meat, fish, seafood, poultry, pasta, fruit, vegetables, confectionary and convenience foods.

The Cabinplant screw-feeding multihead weigher has been granted several patents worldwide for its unique ability to handle difficult products, especially those that are fragile, wet or sticky. This flexible machine can be adapted to cater for many different needs. For example, rollers can be integrated between the individual channels when handling long products.

The screw-feeding multihead weigher features continuous weighing, rotating cones on top, and screw dosing time that automatically adjusts as a function of partial portion weighing.

The screw feeding system dispenses the product with special screws into assembling pans, and sensor gates ensure this is optimal. This ensures feeding of only one piece of product into each pan, thus obtaining the best possible combinations, to help you achieve the highest degree of accuracy and reduce give-away costs considerably.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 250 portions/minute

  • High-capacity - 32-channels
  • Excellent weighing accuracy

  • No give-away when handling small negative tolerances

  • Minimum maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Specially adapted product contact materials for handling sticky products
  • Minimum noise level

  • Wireless product

  • Fast return on investment

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