Precise and Rapid Weighing of Difficult and Delicate Products

The Cabinplant vibratory feeding multihead weighers are engineered to address the rising need for precision and speed when weighing challenging products such as vegetables, fruits, fish, and ready meals. The traditional multihead weigher uses vibration to transfer and distribute product into the weighing pans. The top cone conveys the product to the vibrator chutes by means of vibration. These vibrator chutes, regulated by time and amplitude, efficiently guide the product into assembling pans. The multihead weigher can be segmented into up to four distinct product zones or utilized to create precise blends of selected products.

The vibratory feeding multihead weighers come in a diverse range of models, allowing us to provide a machine tailored to your specific requirements, guaranteeing optimal handling of your product.

• No give-away when handling small negative tolerances
• Specially adapted product contact materials for handling sticky products
• Minimum noise level
• Minimum maintenance
• Easy cleaning
• Wireless operator panel

• Continuous weighing
• Vibration cones on top
• Vibration dosing time automatically adjusted as a function of partial portion weighing
• Rollers can be integrated between the individual channels when handling long products
• Tailor-made design according to customer request
• Special surface for frozen and sticky products

Type of weighing
• Single or multiple weighing
• Flow weighing
• Floating set-point weighing
• Single dynamic weighing (SDW)
• Dual dynamic weighing
• Mix weighing

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