IBC Blancher

Use Fields

All kinds of vegetables, peas, spinach and other leafy products and rice

IBC blanchers offer the lowest consumption of steam. The IBC blancher/cooler with top lift is divided into three main sections: preheating, blanching and cooling. This design incorporates a highly efficient heat recovery system, which makes the IBC renowned for its extremely low consumption of steam and cooling water.

The heat, which is removed from the product during cooling, is reused for pre-heating of product prior to blanching. In this way the consumption of steam can be reduced to just 40 per cent of what is normally required for blanchers without heat recovery.

Integrated Blancher and Cooler (IBC) with forced steam is a new and unique solution from Cabinplant. This new development is specialized in the blanching of fruit and vegetables. The forced steam principle, where the steam is circulated, ensures a highly uniform blanching of fruit and vegetables without washing out taste and nutrients. At the same time, it also reduces steam consumption by 40-50% because the equipment is fitted with a preheating zone, in which the cooling water that has been
heated during the cooling process is recirculated.


Features & Benefits

  • Steam consumption reduced up to 50%

  • Close to 0% risk of product contamination
  • No product damage

  • High yield

  • Uniform blanching

  • Available in capacities up to 30 tons/hour
  • Low water consumption
  • Custom-made, hygienic design

  • Easy cleaning/inspection access due to top lift

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