In the food industry, performance is everything. If your production lines are down, there’s a problem with a machine or quality is being compromised by your equipment, it doesn’t just cost you money – it can cost you your reputation too.

At SEALPAC UK we recognise the demands on our customers and partners to maintain the highest efficiency and fastest response times for successful day to day operations. With this in mind we continually develop tailored packages to suit our individual customers needs.

Our services and specialist support include breakdown repair and one-off service visits; installation, relocation and decommissioning, and reconditioning and retrofits. We carry out machine inspection and reports, offer cost-effective service and maintenance contracts, and can provide on-going cover or support staff. Our service technicians are trained and certified by manufacturer, so you know you're always in safe and skilled hands.

For times when our help desk telephone or online support can't solve your issue, our SEALPAC UK is strategically positioned to ensure our technicians can reach you quickly whenever you need it, with service contracts that keep you covered even out of hours. 

Our comprehensive after sales services include:

At Sealpac we won’t let you down. From one-off repairs to comprehensive service contracts for your machinery and equipment, our team of highly professional service engineers provide rapid support and maintenance all day, every day.


At Sealpac we manufacture individual machine components. This means we have the specialist skills necessary to make exceptional quality spare parts for your machine.

Our in-house capabilities also mean that we carry a large range of parts in stock and can guarantee your spare part will be delivered and fitted quickly and accurately. Thanks to our modern and efficient spare parts management, your order is shipped on the same day – and even quicker if you wish.

For more information, or to place an order, please contact us.



At Sealpac we provide Real time Overall Equipment Efficiency reporting or OEE reporting. This gives you detailed overviews of your operating performance and ensures the maximum productivity of your packaging machines.

Our OEE monitoring programme ensures systematic, real-time collection of all operating data. It provides detailed information on Lines including product changes, malfunctions, machine downtimes; Machines including system status, cycle rate, malfunction, programme changes and users; Tools including unique determination of the cycle rate for individual tools in use on a wide range of machines.

You can keep track of production with daily, weekly, monthly or yearly evaluations and check maintenance overviews.

OEE supports the maintenance and service activities of your packaging machines by determining up to 330 different technical states, enabling rapid fault diagnosis. 

OEE monitoring programme ensures systematic, real-time collection of all operating data. It provides detailed information on: 

  • Lines: product changes, malfunctions, machine downtimes, etc. 
  • Machines: system status (operation, maintenance, set up, stop), cycle rate, malfunction, programme changes, users 
  • Tools: unique determination of the cycle rate for individual tools in use on a wide range of machines 
  • Daily / weekly / monthly / yearly evaluations 
  • Maintenance overviews 

Our optimisation services are designed to improve overall efficiency and uptime of your machines, keeping them running smoothly, reducing unplanned downtime and protecting your bottom line. Contact us to learn more.

Service Contracts

SEALPAC UK offer a variety of contracts from basic maintenance schedules through to total care packages.

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General Service

At Sealpac we’ve built our business by putting our customers’ needs first. We pride ourselves in offering a highly personal service from people with exceptional technical knowledge.

Our service team are all highly competent engineers and maintenance technicians, experts familiar with every Sealpac machine down to the last detail.

They can carefully analyse the situation remotely or visit you on-site, ensuring problems are fixed quickly or tackled even before they force a stoppage. At Sealpac we can get the best performance out of your equipment.


Site Surveys

At Sealpac we go the extra mile to ensure that your performance never suffers. We offer a range of site surveys from basic sealing-tool assessment, maintenance and technical surveys, machine conditioning right through to complete site reporting.

We tailor our services to meet your needs and our expert technicians are just a phone call away. 

  • Sealing tool condition
  • Machine condition
  • Maintenance and technical services
  • Training and skills levels
  • Spares requirementsArrange a Site Survey


From basic maintenance to full stripdown and rebuild, Sealpac offers a full range of levels of refurbishment on your machinery, bringing it back to full operating capacity.

All work is carried out by our trained and qualified engineers along with testing and customer inspections, which are arranged before delivering back to site.