Traysealer up and running in 24hrs for a large UK-based red meat manufacturing client

Posted by SEALPAC UK on Nov 8, 2019 12:08:23 PM



When a large UK-based red meat manufacturing client needed a machine up and running in record time, they knew that they could count on SEALPAC UK’s engineering team. One of their sites was unexpectedly down to unforseen circumstances, which meant their production schedule was in jeopardy and in danger of facing fines by their customers. 



The manufacturer identified a traysealer that wasn't currently in use. They needed it to be quickly put into production but lacked the necessary technical expertise and engineers to make it happen. The pressure of having another site unexpectedly down meant that engineers and resources were focused on getting the primary site up and running. 


They contacted Sealpac UK & Partners. We responded by immediately sending out an engineer to the second site to greet the traysealer off the delivery truck. The traysealer was offloaded, installed and commissioned the very next day. Our engineer stayed on site to deliver bespoke training across the subsequent two days to ensure optimal performance. 

The result

Thanks to the fast turnaround, the red meat manufacturer suffered no dips in production and was able to meet their targets with no delays.


Client comment

“We’re very happy with the service and support we receive from SEALPAC UK. No request is ever too much. Their responsiveness in dealing with our urgent request helped us avoid a costly delay in production.”


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